Conflict Management & Negotiation

Conflict Management & Negotiation

Introduction to Conflict Styles

All of us respond to conflict differently.  Some of us avoid conflict, some of us are more competing, others are often accommodating.  We intend to work together but our own conflict styles can sometimes get in our way. In this session, participants identify their predominant conflict styles and consequences of overuse or under use of each. Discover the value of all of the common conflict modes and when to use each, depending on the circumstances.

Introduction to Conflict Management

Conflict can be found in every organization.  This course is an introduction to conflict management in the workplace. Participants explore common conflicts and why it is important to manage conflict. Participants discover techniques that can help them to listen and collaborate with teammates in order to get back to what matters most and what team members share in common – the mission of the organization.

The Power of Integrative Negotiation for Leaders  (Beginner & Advanced Available)

In an increasingly competitive business atmosphere, leaders must collaborate with others to find mutually acceptable and innovative solutions!  It is imperative that leaders discover the power of integrative negotiation to save time, energy and organizational resources! Using integrative negotiation strategies, we can find and create solutions we may otherwise overlook!  What is “integrative negotiation?”  Come learn strategies for finding everyday win-win solutions in the workplace.  Multiple Negotiation Simulations Included.

Custom topics to be developed as needed.