About Us

Leadership Trek® Corporation, otherwise known as LTrek®, is a leadership transformation boutique in Waco, Texas.  LTrek® was founded in 2005.  Its mission is to inspire, challenge and equip leaders to achieve great heights. We believe that true leadership transformation is a journey, not an event.  Our signature learning format, as found in the Leadership Trek® Leadership Transformation System, is based on this philosophy.


Leadership Transformation Guidance

  • Leadership Trek®
  • Seven Leadership Summits® – Coming Soon!

Leadership Skill Training

  • Trust Building
  • Motivating Yourself & Others
  • Team Building
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management – Basic & Advanced
  • Negotiation – Basic & Advanced
  • Goal Setting
  • Custom Leadership Skill Training
    • Museum Management
    • Attorneys
    • Education Administrators
    • Teachers
    • Professional Fundraisers
    • Youth

Ethics in Business/Virtuous Leadership Training – (living out the seven leadership virtues in your actions and policies)

  • Courage, hope, faith, love, justice, prudence, temperance


Virtual Leadership Coaching – Global or Remote manager training
Conflict Prevention & Intervention
Leadership Retreats
Motivational Speaking