The world is made up of organizations. The influence of organizations is far reaching and inescapable. We contribute to human flourishing by seeking to improve relationships among and between people in organizations in the following ways:

    • Inviting organizations to journey with us to develop leaders who lead in such a way that unleashes the potential for people to flourish because they are seen, valued, and mission-driven.
    • Sparking vital conversations among teams about anticipated interactions and share research-based insights about virtuous leadership practices which, when implemented, tend to cause people to flourish because they are in trusted, healthy relationships.
    • Encouraging organizations to invest in learning that connects to action over time, because true leadership transformation is a journey or “trek,” not an event.


To inspire, challenge, and equip leaders achieve great heights.



To serve the global community with distinction by contributing to human flourishing and increasing access to transformational leadership skill development while partnering with leaders who are committed to serving and uplifting the people they lead.


The LTrek Compass, is an official U.S. trademark established in 2006, designed to be a symbol of “true leadership.” We believe that true leaders serve others. The LTrek Compass is also the expression of eight core values, by which we navigate. These values guide our steps as an expression of our commitment to flourishing:


    • We strive to act in ways and to promote behavior that causes people to “flourish,” meaning they can develop, thrive, and achieve great heights.



    •  We focus on leaders because they role model the way, set standards, and take responsibility.
    •  We are all expected to be leaders, as we influence and serve others through our words and actions.



    • We seek to promote a culture of personal accountability by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their own words and actions.
    • When challenges arise, we seek to own our contribution to the situation and actively seek to find solutions to improve outcomes.


    • We seek to understand different perspectives by:
      • listening for the sake of learning
      • asking questions to seek and provide clarity
      • seeking facts while avoiding assumptions
    • We value collaboration by searching for mutually acceptable and creative solutions.



    • We value everyone and treat others with dignity and respect.
    • We acknowledge different perspectives may be accurate as seen from different viewpoints or life experiences.



    • We believe that trust must be present for people to flourish, and that acting with integrity is the foundation of a trusting relationship.
    • We communicate openly and honestly with the conviction that it is better to do the right thing, than the easy thing.



    • Serving the global community with our time and talent is a priority.
    • We help others to develop to their fullest potential, leveraging each person’s unique skills and strengths.


Having fun

    • We seek to serve joyfully by promoting a fun and friendly environment, where people feel connected and teams can thrive.

Our Mission is to inspire, challenge, and equip leaders achieve great heights.