Leadership Trek® Corporation, otherwise known as LTrek®, is a leadership transformation boutique in Waco, Texas, founded in 2005. In everything we do, we believe that the world is a better place when people flourish, which is possible when they journey in healthy relationship with others.

The world is made up of organizations. The influence of organizations is far reaching and inescapable. We contribute to human flourishing by seeking to improve relationships among and between people in organizations in the following ways:

    • Inviting organizations to journey with us to develop leaders who lead in such a way that unleashes the potential for people to flourish because they are seen, valued, and mission-driven.
    • Sparking vital conversations among teams about anticipated interactions and share research-based insights about virtuous leadership practices which, when implemented, tend to cause people to flourish because they are in trusted, healthy relationships.
    • Encouraging organizations to invest in learning that connects to action over time, because true leadership transformation is a journey or “trek,” not an event.