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Rachel Woods has spent 15 years in the leadership development industry empowering leaders with practical leadership skills. She is a leadership author, trainer, consultant, and coach, who is passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential. In 2005, she founded Leadership Trek Corp., otherwise known as “LTrek”, through which she has trained and consulted leaders world-wide. The mission of LTrek is to inspire, challenge, and equip leaders to achieve great heights.
Early in Rachel’s career as an Attorney-Mediator, Rachel served as a Mediator  and began to train and consult business leaders in the area of conflict management. This led to an invitation to teach conflict management and negotiation at the Baylor Business School in 2006.
Today, LTrek not only provides practical training about conflict management and negotiation, but also how to motivate yourself and others, how to manage teams, how to delegate effectively and much more! In 2013, together with Dr. Mitchell Neubert, Ph.D., Rachel authored Leadership Trek, an on-the-job leadership transformation system. Leadership Trek is based on the idea that true leadership transformation is a journey or “trek,” not an event. Today, leaders all over the world have utilized the Leadership Trek transformation system.
After 15 years immersed in the leadership development industry, Rachel enjoys serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor, and teaches the core management class, called Leadership and Organizational Behavior.
She earned a Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University School of Law, where she also trained to be a Mediator. She completed training on how to teach negotiation in organizations at the Harvard Law School Project on Negotiation in Cambridge, MA. Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University.

To request Rachel Woods as a conference speaker or trainer send requests to Info@LTrek.com.


Mitch Neubert is an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Baylor University and the Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business. In his role as the Chavanne Chair, Mitch provides leadership to programs and initiatives that promote his conviction that businesses can do well by doing good. He also held the H.R. Gibson Professorship in Management Development at Baylor for seven years.

Mitch is passionate about equipping leaders to lead individuals, teams, and organizations in a virtuous manner that results in positive change.  He teaches the Leading with Integrity course for Baylor’s EMBA programs in Dallas and Austin.


Leadership Transformation Guidance

  • Leadership Trek® – transformational system (link to info page)
  • Seven Leadership Summits® – transformational system (link to info page)

Leadership Skill Training

  • Trust Building
  • Motivating Yourself & Others
  • Team Building
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management – Basic & Advanced
  • Negotiation – Basic & Advanced
  • Goal Setting
  • Custom Leadership Skill Training
    • Museum Management
    • Attorneys
    • Education Administrators
    • Teachers
    • Professional Fundraisers
    • Youth
  • Ethics in Business/Virtuous Leadership Training
  • Consulting
  • Virtual Leadership Coaching – Global or Remote manager training
  • Conflict Prevention & Intervention
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Motivational Speaking