Our mission is to inspire, challenge and equip leaders to achieve great heights.


The LTrek Compass, by which we navigate, is not only a symbol of “True Leadership,” but also is our value system which includes our commitment to all LTrek stakeholders and to the greater community in which we live.   Our LTrek Compass is comprised of three core values including 1) Virtuous Leadership 2) Servant Leadership and 3) Effective Collaboration.

We are committed to developing and promoting virtuous leaders in ourselves and others.  We believe true leaders are servants at heart.  In an increasingly interdependent world, we aim to foster effective collaboration with all LTrek stakeholders and in the organizations we serve.

We challenge ourselves, leaders and organizations to consider these questions: “Who am I? Where am I going? What type of leader do I aspire to be?  Where do I want to end up?” Our values will ensure that our steps to achieve our goals and our aspirations will be guided by the most principled means possible.  This is how a compass serves us on a trail.  This is how our value system will help to guide our steps now and in the years to come.


LTrek® is committed to helping leaders and organizations reach great heights.   In our view, great heights are not simply destinations defined by market share or profitability, but also manifesting virtuous character, servant leadership, and collaboration.

Virtuous leaders and organizations are characterized by…

COURAGE – acting honorably in the face of possible negative consequences, speaking up in support of what is good;

JUSTICE – fairly distributing outcomes, consistently following clear policies, and respectfully honoring the concerns of others;

LOVE – treating others as we want to be treated, seeking others’ benefit and growth;

FAITH – believing the best in others, being trustworthy ourselves;

PRUDENCE – exercising wise stewardship of resources and opportunities, demonstrating foresight;

TEMPERANCE – balancing multiple goals and stakeholders, exercising self-control and discipline;

HOPE – encouraging others to excel, empowering others to fulfill their responsibilities and aspirations.

Servant leaders and their organizations are characterized by…

SERVICE  honoring the interests of others, seeking mutual benefits;

DEVELOPMENT – helping others to develop to their potential, leveraging each person’s unique skills and strengths;

VISION – focusing on a shared picture of the future, encouraging innovative actions;

HUMILITY – recognizing success is a matter of “we” not “me”; respecting others as equals.


Collaborative leaders and organizations are characterized by…

– focusing on points of agreement, common interests, and shared mission;

TRUST BUILDING – respecting others, generating goodwill;

INTEGRATIVE NEGOTIATION – engaging in integrative conversations, pursuing synergistic solutions;

CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT – viewing conflict as an opportunity, seeing the value of diverse perspectives