Why Should You Should Delegate More, Even Though You Can Do it All

November 9th, 2012 Posted by women 0 thoughts on “Why Should You Should Delegate More, Even Though You Can Do it All”

I know.  You know.  You are capable of doing it all – and doing it well.  But should you?  Is doing it all the healthy choice?  For you?  Or for your organization?  Probably not…. Letting go can be difficult, even for the busy leader.  If you feel this way, you are not alone. No matter how talented, experienced and capable someone is, delegating an important task may be a struggle. To make matters worse, delegation is not simple. It is not simply giving someone something to do. Effective delegation is challenging, even for highly informed and experienced leaders. Nevertheless, effective delegation is essential. And here is why.  These are just a few ways effective delegation can help you:

You Need a Clone.

Have you ever told yourself this?  “Man, if I only had a clone….”  Well, delegating effectively is really the closest thing you ethically and legally can do to have a clone.  This is because the “multiplication factor” that occurs when you delegate gives you the ability to indefinitely assume increasing loads of responsibility.

Freedom & Perspective.

Delegation will give you the time you need to do work that is uniquely “leadership” work, such as planning and coordinating. If you do not have the time and freedom to think about the present and the future of your organization, you may not be delegating enough.

The Development of New Leaders.

Every leader can find tasks that can be effectively delegated; this in turn, will free up the time needed to support these new members and leaders. Delegation itself develops members’ ability to assume more responsibility later. If you do not delegate tasks to new faces, they will never feel ready to lead, nor will they be ready to lead.

High Motivation and Morale.

Individuals who are given responsibility tend to feel a part of their organization and want it to be successful. You need others in your organization to be a champion of its mission.  

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