Gary P. Scott

Inspirational Everest Speaker and Business Consultant

–  The world record holder for the fastest ascent of Alaska’s Mt McKinley.

–  A member of the successful 1991 American Everest Expedition while attempting a world record one-day ascent, alone and without supplemental oxygen.

–  Previously an international mountain guide/leader on 30+ Himalayan trips.

–  The General Manager of the U.S. National Triathlon Team in 1989 & 1990.

–  Currently writing his fourth book – An Everest Climbers Guide to Success.

–  A much in demand speaker, writer, business consultant and marketing advisor.

 A native Australian, Gary Scott has spent over twenty years of his life climbing and exploring much of the world, including over 30 trips to the Himalayas.  A pioneer of extreme rock climbing and previously an international mountain guide, he is the world-record holder for the fastest ascent of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, climbing it alone in a super human 18 ½ hours.  He has owned and operated his own adventure travel company with offices in Nepal, London and the U.S., and worked with the U.S. Triathlon Team and the U.S. Olympic Committee.  He has managed numerous radio stations and sales teams, and worked on dozens of advertising, public relations and marketing projects.

Currently a motivational and inspirational speaker to corporate groups across the country, Gary Scott has earned the right to speak about setting goals, fulfilling dreams, and pushing your limits, while living a life of adventure.  Gary has a unique ability to capture the heart and soul of his audience while giving them the motivation, inspiration and direction to accomplish more in all areas of life.  A superb story teller and photographer — Gary’s spectacular multi-media presentation entertains and teaches groups with stories, lessons learned, and his own incredible experiences — including barely escaping death while surviving a night out in a raging blizzard near the top of Mount Everest without oxygen, food, water or shelter.  He shares how everyone has an “Everest” in their lives.

Gary teaches from what he has learned from 20 years of mountaineering and how it applies to life and business with a philosophy called SUMMIT STRATEGIES — a way of living life to your full potential, in a manner that allows you to dream to your maximum capacity.  Summit Strategies is about attempting goals that you never would have tried, placing doubt and fear aside, and boldly pursuing the things you desire in every area of your life.  Gary speaks about what he has learned from following his heart and living his dreams though his Summit Strategies philosophy.

Gary’s fascination with mountains began at the age of six when visiting the Canadian Rockies with his parents.  By the age of ten he was avidly exploring the Australian bush with map and compass and taught himself rock climbing at the age of twelve.  Through his high school years he spent every weekend and holiday at one of thirty different rock climbing areas he climbed at.  After high school Gary spent three years climbing six days a week, establishing over 200 first ascents up to grade 24 (U.S. 5.12) becoming a pioneer of extreme rock climbing at the time.  In his early twenties he left Australia with a one-way ticket to the Himalayas and spent the next few years traveling throughout the world before settling back in Nepal.  It was in Nepal that he worked for numerous adventure travel companies as a trekking guide before starting his own trekking and mountaineering company specializing in leading small groups up trekking peaks.  He has led over thirty trips in Nepal and has organized dozens of other trekking and climbing trips.

He then moved to the U.S. where he worked as a guide for the Palisade School of Mountaineering in California for three seasons and for the International Mountain Climbing School in New Hampshire for two winters.  During this time Gary climbed extensively throughout the U.S. including an ascent of the 3,000 foot El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California.  In 1986 he shocked the mountaineering community with a world-record speed ascent and the first ever one-day ascent of Mt. McKinley in Alaska, climbing solo from the 7,000 foot Base Camp to the 20,320 foot summit in an astonishing 18 ½ hours.  In 1988 Gary guided a team up Mt. Acconcagua (22,840 feet) in South America after which he attempted another speed ascent but was beaten by the weather near the summit.  In 1991 he attempted a solo, one-day speed ascent of Mt. Everest (29,035 feet) without supplemental oxygen before his attempt was cut short by poor health.  He is returning to Everest in 2003 for another attempt.

A member of the American Mountain Guides Association and the American Alpine Club, Gary maintains a busy schedule with speaking and writing on what he has learned from spending over thirty years in the mountains and how people can apply that to their lives.  Deciding early on to focus on developing great relationships with fewer “team mates” than running large numbers of people on dozens of trips, Gary organizes and guides only 5-6 international trips a year.  His passion is helping people achieve their personal goals through sharing adventures with them in the great mountain ranges of the world.

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