J. Clifton Williams, Ph.D.

President, Leadership Systems Corporation (1982-Present) Author, Development Needs Inventory (DNi)

 – Ph.D. Purdue University (Industrial / Organizational Psychology,


– M.P.S. University of Colorado (Personnel Services, 1954)

– B.A. Baylor University (cum laude, Psychology, 1952)


Consulting and other Experience 

Consultant to Management – intermittent/part-time over 43 years and 3 years full-time. Professorial and managerial experience at Baylor University (43 years between 1954 and l995, beginning with the most recent positions these are presented below):

Vice President for Human Resources and Planning plus Acting Vice President for Finance and Administration;

Advisor to the President, Dr. H.H. Reynolds, Baylor University;

H.R. Gibson Professor of Management;

Administrative Vice President;

Dean of the Graduate School;

Director, Ph.D. degree program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology;

Chairman, Department of Psychology and

Professor of Psychology.

U.S. Marine Corps, Special Services Education Division

Other business experience: service on several corporate boards of small companies (banking, technology, insurance, publishing); factory foreman for General Tire and Rubber Co.; early non-professional experience in farming, railway, petroleum refining, synthetic rubber, liquid hydrogen, and construction.

 Publications in Leadership/Management Development

Development Needs Inventory.  With Michael Korpi, program designer, (Waco, TX.: Leadership Systems Corp. 2003.)

Effective Management, 6th. Edition (Waco, TX.:  Leadership Systems Corp., 2001)

LSC Organization Analyst (Waco, Texas: Leadership Systems Corp., 1993)

Baylor Leadership Bulletin, Nos. 1 through 137, Sept. 1, 1989 – May 15, 1995

Management and Organization, 6th Ed., Andrew DuBrin and Duane Ireland, coauthors (Cincinnati:  South-Western Publishing Co., 1989)  (Introductory management text.)

Human Behavior In Organizations, the 1986 Edition only was co-authored with George P. Huber (Cincinnati:  South-Western Publishing Co., 1978, 1982, 1986) 

Leadership Quest, (Waco, Tx.:  Leadership Press, Inc., 1986)

Effective Management, Seminar Series, with Drs. Duane Ireland, Andrew DuBrin, George Huber, Lee Polk, Merritt Felmly (Waco, TX.: Leadership Systems, 1985)

Conducta Organizacional, with Marta Calas de Biriel, translator  (Cincinnati:  South-Western Publishing Co., 1984). A Spanish version of Human Behavior in Organizations.

Current Professional Organizations 

Academy of Management

American Psychological Association

Major Honors and Certifications

U.S. Army Distinguished Civilian Service Award

Baylor University – Outstanding Faculty Member Award

Baylor University – Distinguished Professor of Management

Certified Psychologist – Board of Examiners, Texas Psychological Association

Licensed Psychologist – Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists


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