DNI Potential Benefits

Although there is no guarantee that the potential benefits of the DNi will be realized, the probability becomes very high where the following conditions are present:

  • Senior management endorses the DNi process and motivates everyone involved to take it seriously;
  • Everyone involved understands that the objective of the DNi is constructive action, not just learning as an end in itself;
  • And management follows up to make certain that Leaders receive the encouragement and support needed to make the transition from knowledge to action. 

Utilizing the DNi process reinforces a company’s expectation that

Its managers will engage in continual learning and improvement of their leadership/management skills, and

 Management development will be measured by the extent to which learning occurs and results in improved leadership, not by how many training programs have been attended.

Improving Managerial Effectiveness

Creates an opportunity for managers to relate to their subordinate managers in a nonthreatening event that focuses on empowerment, in contrast to the defensive posture most assume when discussing performance evaluations. Note: the DNI Process does not produce a performance evaluation.

Increases motivation of managers for setting and reaching leadership development and productivity goals.

Serves as one basis for long-term management development planning.

Focuses company-wide management development resources and efforts on areas of greatest need, personalized to the individual manager.

Gives the organization’s members a common language and framework for improving their leadership/management practices. In the process, it helps to harmonize leadership philosophy and style across the different levels of management. For example, the DNI process indirectly addresses the problem that exists when middle and upper management is autocratic while insisting that the leadership practices of first-line supervisors be participative, empowering, and team oriented.

Helps management examine, understand, and act upon desired management or leadership styles and strategies.

The DNi Profile

The information contained in a DNi profile has value for all levels of management–from new first line supervisors to experienced top executives as well as middle managers whose formal education and experience has been highly specialized (accounting, engineering, sales, etc.)

Benefits of Follow-up DNi

Administering a Follow-Up DNi identifies improvement gains in leadership skills with the numerical data and graphic data contrasting the Initial and Follow-up administrations.

This benchmarking process provides a basis for improved managerial planning and decision making.

Even in organizations where only participating Leaders have access to their individual profiles, the typical case, Leaders nevertheless know full well that access to group reports focuses everyone’s attention on the day-to-day behaviors measured by the DNi scales. 

Awareness that a follow-up DNi will be forthcoming motivates Leaders to take seriously the challenge to make behavior changes.

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