DNI 360

What is the DNI Process?

The DNi process is a study involving one or more Leaders and multiple Observers who provide their perceptions of the Leader’s leadership behavior.

Individual Report

The DNI produces a DESCRIPTIVE PROFILE of a manager’s leadership/management behavior as perceived by that manager and his or her boss, peers, and direct reports—the people above, along side, and below in the organization structure who have had an opportunity to observe the manager on the job.

Group Report

A GROUP REPORT identifies the collective strengths and development needs of all Leaders included in the DNi process. This report is for use by a senior management group which may, of course, include some of the Leaders who are participating. Group Report includes a list of possible action steps that the company may use to help Leaders bridge the gap between insight and action.

Follow up DNi

Track progress with a FOLLOW UP DNI administration, usually conducted 6-12 months after the initial administration, giving enough time for change to have occurred and become more habitual.

–  Continually upgraded based on feedback from thousands of users over the past 20 years.

–  Now an internet-based instrument

–  User-Friendly

–  Participants receive an e-mail inviting them to begin in the process

–  Password protected

–  Login to the DNI website from anywhere in the world.  Just a few simple clicks to complete

–  Approximately 15 minutes to describe a leader


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