Ltrek Everest


Leadership is NOT for the faint of heart.

Chilling windstorms and what?  The Yeti?!!! Yep! One of the LTrek® signature Seven Leadership Summits™, LTrek Everest™, is a uniquely innovative youth leadership development program in which your extraordinary venue becomes the everest students must conquer! Participants are challenged by leadership and character development games and activities while tackling the highest peak in the world, virtually, of course.

Students are introduced to Mt. Everest, the enchanting Kingdom of Nepal and its servant-hearted people.  Students handle mountain climbing gear as they consider the preparation required for such a feat.  They build a compass with everyday household items and then write a personal mission statement that becomes a personal compass to guide their steps on the trail of life.

LTrek Everest™ activities correlate with five camps on Everest, beginning with Base Camp and ending with a final summit push from Camp Four.  For example, they must cross the Ice Falls to get to Camp One.  They must conquer the Western CWM to get to Camp Two, the Lhotse Face to reach Camp Four and must reach the summit as a team before a major snow storm stops them in their tracks – all while a Yeti is chasing them, trying to keep them from their ultimate achievement!!

Just as each of LTrek’s Seven Leadership Summits™ explores a different leadership virtue, LTrek Everest™ focuses on “courage.”  Students learn that just as it is for climbing the highest of mountains, leadership is not for the faint of heart.

Through analogy and an interactive presentation, students learn specifically about personal goal-setting, preparation and readiness, ethical decision-making and, consequences of getting off of the trail particularly because of peer pressure, the importance of having a guide or mentor, and ultimately the truth about courage.  Courage is about making right decisions and choices, not just a gutsy a choice.  All campers receive a certificate of completion upon summiting LTrek Everest™, a magnificent leadership adventure!

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