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An LTrek® is a journey, an experience, an adventure.  Each LTrek® is an interactive leadership training course in which the students play games and participate in numerous experiential learning activities, learning valuable leadership skills that contribute to their personal and future professional success, including character development components.  Our seven signature programs are called the Seven Leadership Summits™.

Students are challenged to think about who they are, where they are going, and where they want to end up.  We use multiple modalities to reach all kinds of learners including auditory, visual, and tactile.   For more information on the Seven Leadership Summits click here.


Leadership Trek® is both our philosophy and signature training format.  We believe in planting seeds for effective future leadership in our youth.  Leadership development is a life long endeavor, a journey or a “trek” requiring pacing and endurance, rather than the completion of a training course.  It is never too early to begin learning important leadership skills such as how to work well in groups, jointly problem-solve and communicate effectively.

We firmly believe it is essential not just to develop future leaders, but to develop virtuous leaders.  Each of our Seven Leadership Summits™ includes character development components focusing on the seven leadership virtues dating back 2000 years to Aristotle’s writings.  For example, “courage,” by definition is not just doing something gutsy, but is making right decisions and choices.


A Leadership Trek® is no ordinary leadership development program.  A Leadership Trek® is an innovative and unique program including character and leadership skill development intertwined with the virtual progression of the journey of an LTrek Adventurer™.


We partner with world-class mountaineers and adventurers, which we call our LTrek Adventurers™, to provide spectacular insights and lessons from the mountains and grueling environments across the world from some of the World’s most determined, inspirational and accomplished goal-setters.  For more information click here


We developed the Seven Leadership Summits™, seven leadership development adventures that each correlate with a highest mountain on one of the seven continents, for example Mt. Everest, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. McKinley, Aconcagua, Mt. Elbrus, etc.

Participants can achieve the Seven Leadership Summits™ by completing each of our programs and receiving a Certificate of Course Completion.  After students conquer the Seven Summits they can tackle LTrek’s Leadership Adventure Grand Slam™, which includes the North and South Pole Treks, virtually of course.  For more information click here


Each of the Seven Leadership Summits™ include focus on a different classic leadership virtue (i.e. Courage, Justice, Love, Temperance, Hope, etc.) which date back 2000 years, explored by noted philosophers such as Aristotle.  For example, LTrek Everest™ represents “courage” and LTrek Kilimanjaro™ focuses on “justice.”  During LTrek Kilimanjaro, participants consider the importance of “just” decision making, following rules, not cutting corners, valuing people equally, and they explore the meaning of “fairness,” a very subjective word.


Our LTrek Youth leadership development team is comprised of Rachel Woods, J.D., CEO of Leadership Trek Corporation and Lecturer at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, and also leadership development consultant and trainer, Dr. Mitchell J. Neubert, Ph.D., the Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business and the H.R. Gibson Chair in Management Development at Baylor University and Professor at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business.  Additionally, certified teachers help to develop our programs and serve as LTrek trainers.  Click here for more information


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    We know that leadership is an adventure. You need leadership skills to survive! Our solutions are practical and skill-based. Find out how we can help you tackle your leadership Everest today.

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