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Leadership Trek® Corporation, otherwise known as LTrek®, is a leadership transformation boutique in Waco, Texas.  LTrek® was founded in 2005.  Its mission is to inspire, challenge and equip leaders to achieve great heights. We believe that true leadership transformation is a journey, not an event.  Our signature learning format, as found in the Leadership Trek® Leadership Transformation System, is based on this philosophy.


Leadership Transformation Guidance

  • Leadership Trek®
  • Seven Leadership Summits® – Coming Soon!

Free Online Community – The LTrek Summit

Leadership Skill Training

  • Trust Building
  • Motivating Yourself & Others
  • Team Building
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management – Basic & Advanced
  • Negotiation – Basic & Advanced
  • Goal Setting
  • Custom Leadership Skill Training
    1. Attorneys
    2. Education Administrators
    3. Teachers
    4. Professional Fundraisers
    5. Youth

Ethics in Business/Virtuous Leadership Training – living out the seven leadership virtues in your actions and policies

  • Courage, hope, faith, love, justice, prudence, temperance


Virtual Leadership Coaching – Global or Remote manager training

Conflict Prevention & Intervention

Leadership Retreats

Motivational Speaking

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LEADERSHIP TREK® – Leadership Transformation System

Leadership Trek® is an on-the-job leadership skills transformation system, in which participants set out on a journey to explore core leadership skills and their connection to both personal and organizational success.  This practical, yet powerful system, utilized as either a leadership primer or refresher, challenges both aspiring and experienced leaders to commit to new action steps and behavior practices, that ultimately lead to personal leadership transformation and improved results.

When accomplished as a team, a Leadership Trek® is not only a unique experience, but it is also the ultimate team building experience, because it gets teams “back to the basics,” and sparks rich discussions that strengthen teams, bring forth new ideas, and spur creative solutions.

Authors, Rachel Woods, J.D. and Dr. Mitchell Neubert, Ph.D.build on over 30 years of research and development by Dr. Clifton Williams, to create a leadership transformation system fit for all four generations in the workplace today.  Learn more about Leadership Trek now.

  • About Ltrek

    We know that leadership is an adventure. You need leadership skills to survive! Our solutions are practical and skill-based. Find out how we can help you tackle your leadership Everest today.


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